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Healing Words

Elixir for the soul

by Mark Ament 12 May 2011

This is one of the most powerful healing songs I’ve ever experienced.    I’ve been moved to tears several times by it and by the energy from which it comes. When you have a moment of stillness (or if you need one now), click the play button, close your eyes and let yourself be transported.   I […]

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Free Numerology Calculator – An Honest Review Of Blair Gorman’s

Thumbnail image for Free Numerology Calculator – An Honest Review Of Blair Gorman’s by Mark Ament 11 April 2011

I wanted to share with you today my thoughts on where to find the best  Free Numerology Calculator I’m writing this because a few months back, when I was looking into numerology and getting my chart done, there wasn’t a lot of very clear information around.   In fact, what I discovered mostly was a really […]

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Healing Codes

Thumbnail image for Healing Codes by Mark Ament 4 March 2011

The idea of “healing codes” or special techniques and strategies (some of them secretive) has been around for 1000s of years.   And yet it is only in the past 10 years or so that it has come to achieve a more mainstream acceptance.    There are now several books and programs available regarding healing codes.   In […]

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Natural HealthTips

Thumbnail image for Natural HealthTips by Mark Ament 3 March 2011

As someone who has made his career out of practicing and promoting natural  healing strategies, I’m often asked to summarize the most important tips for healing the body mind and spirit naturally.   In this article I’m going to share the most important things I’ve learned during my study in the natural health field. What Is […]

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Healing Jewelry

Thumbnail image for Healing Jewelry by Mark Ament 1 March 2011

What is healing jewelry? Beauty and function.   Wearable art that improves your health.   Forms and materials that increase your awareness.   These statements all describe healing jewelry.   Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings that are designed to raise your energy levels and help you feel better. What kinds of healing jewelry are available? There are many […]

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Angelic Healing

Thumbnail image for Angelic Healing by Mark Ament 20 February 2011

An Introduction to Angelic Healing It is said in esoteric practice that Angels and Ascended Masters work with the elevated  frequencies of unconditional love and total acceptance, radiating this beautiful frequency from beyond the veil toward those of us appearing in human bodies.   Their intention is simple: to be a force for healing within this […]

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Most Benevolent Outcomes

by Mark Ament 11 October 2010

Last week before I left the U.S. for the long journey across the Pacific to Bali, I stopped into a bookstore and picked up a copy of the magazine “Sedona Journal of Emergence” for the flight.    Thumbing through the pages, a small article near the back caught my attention. It’s a compilation of stories from […]

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The Power of Intention for Health and Healing

by Mark Ament 29 July 2010
Thumbnail image for The Power of Intention for Health and Healing

If you’ve been around for more than a decade you have undoubtedly already seen natural healing at work. The design of the human body causes it to heal when sick or injured. Think of a time when you cut your hand and then watched as the body performed its healing work. It’s truly amazing. Without […]

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A Big Thank You To My Subscribers

by Mark Ament 22 July 2010

Hi All, As a thank you to all my subscribers, I’ve just made a copy of my book “Nature’s 3 Most Powerful Remedies” available for Free back on my website. More than just “quick fix” remedies, these are practices that anyone interested in vibrant living should know about and use every day. You can download […]

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6 Tips To Optimize Your Oxygen Intake

Thumbnail image for 6 Tips To Optimize Your Oxygen Intake by Mark Ament 3 May 2010

Each minute, even without applying any conscious breathing techniques, we breathe between 6 and 10 liters (1.5-2 gallons) of air – that’s 8600-11.400 liters (2200-2900 gallons) per day. This makes the air we breathe by far our most important contact with the external world and the fundamental way we energize and vitalize our bodies everyday […]

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