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Raw Food Mustard Recipe (2 comments)
Good point. I just changed the title vegan to vegetarian. Thanks, Mark […]

Mark Ament
2013-01-07 18:46:08
The Truth About The Q Link Pendant – An Honest Review (7 comments)
Thanks, will look into it. […]

Mark Ament
2013-01-07 18:44:21
Holosync Review – Straight Talk About Holosync Meditation (10 comments)
Hi Steve,

I found Holosync back in 2004 and followed the program for 5 years. What I love about it […]

Mark Ament
2013-01-07 18:42:42
Raw Food Recipe: Truly Raw Chocolate Bar (4 comments)
1 teaspoon lecithin
2 minutes stirring.

Enjoy! […]

Mark Ament
2012-07-31 04:02:09
Elixir for the soul (1 comments)
bless u […]

2012-07-16 12:31:47
The Healing Power Of Young Coconuts (4 comments)
Growing up in a coconut plantation, the most soothing thing to come home from school in the midday s […]

bee lee tan
2012-06-20 15:26:30
Wisdom Bite #20 – True Love (1 comments)
Yes, I like that statement too. I only read ‘Bridge across forever’. True love, that multi-dimensi […]

Lizelle Le Roux
2011-07-22 20:21:45
mustard-seed (1 comments)
Well, this is my first time of hearing the value of mustard seed. […]

Ismaheel Adeniyi
2011-07-04 17:33:12
Yeast Infection (3 comments)
Thanks Mark. […]

tara inden
2011-06-11 02:29:35
Arthritis (2 comments)
You can see some in the sidebar of the site. 🙂 […]

Mark Ament
2011-06-03 22:24:55
Clove Essential Oil – One Great Way To Use It (2 comments)
I would recommend using clove essential oil every day on the tooth several times a day. You can ge […]

Mark Ament
2011-06-03 22:23:04
Step Into The Future With Unexplainable Store? (1 comments)
Thanks for this review. I recently read about a woman increasing her psychic abilities using these r […]

2011-04-09 12:42:10
Natural Iodine Supplements and Iodine Rich Foods (1 comments)
Hi Mark

Thanks for your email and info on Iodine. Very relevant with the Japanese disaster which […]

2011-04-07 23:48:14
The Health and Healing Properties of Whole Cloves (2 comments)
thank you for sharing for i am a beginner herbalist. […]

2011-04-07 12:37:04
Using Raw Foods To Treat Allergies (2 comments)
Hello Mark,
Thank you for your generousity with information. I was wondering if you have done any […]

Aspiration Is Hearts Desire
2011-03-16 16:52:50
Wisdom Bite #3 B.K.S. Iyengar On Beauty (2 comments)
very inspiring indeed. […]

2011-03-06 15:14:37
Weight Loss (4 comments)
Click here to see the fastest weight loss program I know of: […]

Mark Ament
2011-03-02 17:52:39
An Honest Review Of H Miracle (Hemorrhoid Miracle) by Holly Hayden (4 comments)
Sure Sanjela, you can get access by clicking on the link above to the official website. You’ll be […]

Mark Ament
2011-03-01 19:07:25
My Reflections on The Sweat Lodge Tragedy (3 comments)
I have been sweating for 30 years and yes….you know when someone has love as the center of their i […]

2011-01-02 04:33:13
Most Benevolent Outcomes (4 comments)
Loved the story Mark. I usually talk out loud when I need something and it always works for me. A fe […]

Diane Corriette
2010-10-15 22:21:17
Wisdom Bite #17 – Ghandi and Sugar (1 comments)
Beautiful. I loved it. I heard a talk a while back where the nutritionist (cannot remember his name […]

2010-09-22 11:42:34
If I Could Only Take One Superfood Supplement It Would Be… (3 comments)
Hi Betsy,

What you really want to do is look for a local bee keeper and ask him or her. The reason […]

Mark Ament
2010-09-11 11:47:01
Wisdom Bite #15: Learning to Be Silent (2 comments)
Ah, the pull of habit and the voice of others talking are, indeed, the stumbling blocks in observing […]

2010-08-22 05:11:08
Pregnancy Miracle Book Review – A Real Review Without The Hype (11 comments)
HI Mylene.

You can get the book right here: […]

Mark Ament
2010-08-18 02:36:50
Superfood Focus: Salba – Aka Chia (6 comments)
Hi Charlene,

No Salba doesn’t have Vitamin E. Better to take Wheat Germ.


Mark […]

Mark Ament
2010-08-18 02:36:13
A Fresh Start in 2010? (1 comments)
I have just come across your Udud retreat in march 2010. Are you going to do another one?
than […]

Brigid Neylan
2010-05-01 18:57:24
6 Natural Remedies for Insomnia (2 comments)
Hi Mark,
I am a friend of Celia Canals from Barcelona. She gave me your web because I,ll go to Bali […]

2010-03-07 23:19:25
Wisdom Bite #8: What Is Love Anyway? (1 comments)
The love you describe is affection, but what of…
‘That lovin’ feelin’, the exquisite rush of butt […]

Edward Ertl
2010-01-11 10:26:50
The Most Toxic ‘Food’ You Can Eat (6 comments)
Just a quick response her to Annbritt. That’s a good point you make. Just a couple of things to ad […]

Mark Ament
2010-01-07 09:01:27
Wisdom Bite #4 – A Love Poem From Hafiz (1 comments)
Beautifully written. […]

ishrat sayed
2009-12-08 14:09:47

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