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Straight Talk About Tranquil Sleep Now

Hey, Mark Ament here.

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Tranquil Sleep Now.

Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official Tranquil Sleep Now website, then click here: Tranquil Sleep Now

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of using Tranquil Sleep Now, there weren’t many real reviews around.

So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into the good and the bad points of Tranquil Sleep Now, so if that’s not something you want to read, you might may as well leave now.

tranquil sleep now reviewMy first impressions of Tranquil Sleep Now:

I first came across this program when Mike Bresica of ‘Think Right Now’ contacted me to provide a bonus for the product. I told him that I’d first have to trail the product in order for me to do that. He and his staff were more than willing to do so and sent me a trail version.

At the beginning I was a bit skeptical of the program’s value. What was delivered was an audio CD and an instruction booklet. It seemed kind of simple, but I’ve had some great experience with hypnosis and NLP techniques in the past and wanted to give the program a try.

What Tranquil Sleep Now has helped my friends achieve:

Since I don’t have trouble sleeping, I gave the program to my dear friend Sandi to trail. She’s one of those people who has a real hard time falling asleep because she’s such a Type A personality – always on the go.

I was really surprised when she called me the morning after I gave her the CD and said it had worked for her. I wondered if it was a one time “fluke,” so I asked her to let me know how she was doing after a few more days. The next time Sandi talked to me she was in love with the CD and sleeping better than she had in years.

Who else benefited from Tranquil Sleep Now:

After that experience I decided to go ahead and provide a bonus for Mike. The program had proven itself to me with concrete results.

Still I wondered how it would work for other people. I ended up sending it out to several of my clients who had troubles with anxiety and insomnia. All but one did really well with it and felt really lucky  to have picked up Mike’s program.

What I find most useful about Tranquil Sleep Now:

The major benefits of using this program to help get quality sleep are:

  • Not needing to take dangerous sleeping drugs
  • Feeling rested and refreshed when you wake up
  • No herbs or supplements to buy over and over again
  • The effects are long lasting and permanent in many cases
  • It works automatically – nothing to study or do on your part

Who would benefit from purchasing Tranquil Sleep Now:

Really anyone who has a hard time sleeping and wants to get results without resorting to drugs or other supplement based programs.

What I think was left out of Tranquil Sleep Now:

While the Audio is great quality and works very well, I do think that the instruction booklet could have been a little more filled out.   It’s not a major issue because all you really need to do is pop the CD in and listen to it, but I’m a person you loves details and instructions.

How quickly Tranquil Sleep Now can help someone:

What’s really cool is that this program works immediately. Here’s what one client wrote me:

“I ordered “Tranquil Sleep Now” because I had just started a new and very stressful job. From night one it has worked so well for me. I have never made it thru the entire CD without falling asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night I just hit play again and in 5 minutes I’m back asleep. In the past I would have stayed awake reliving my day, my fears and worries. Somehow this CD blocks that process and you just fall back to sleep. All I can say is thanks!”

Negatives about Tranquil Sleep Now:

There really are no negatives that I’ve seen. The company offers a complete refund policy that is solid as a rock. So, there’s no risk here at all.

My final words about Tranquil Sleep Now:

There are lots of things to try to help you sleep.  But, if I were you, I’d just save some time and find out whay Mike Bresica’s program is the best selling sleep program available today.  It also comes with some awesome bonuses (I’m not just saying that because one of them is mine, either).  🙂

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