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A Simple and Amazingly Tasty Raw Food Snack

One of the things I always enjoy about late summer in the U.S. is the amount of delicious locally grown fruit and vegetables that are available.  This year, I’ve been eating fresh California figs, Colorado peaches and apricots, Blueberries from Oregon and some amazing watermelons and cantaloupes from Colorado.

Most of the time I enjoy these fruits by themselves, but every once in a while I add a little bit of raw organic tahini to them for an extra calcium and fat boost.   By far my favorite fruit to eat tahini with is fresh organic grapes.   I’ve been enjoying that combination all summer and am happy that my 1 year old daughter also like it.  raw food snack

There are many health benefits associated with eating raw tahini and grapes – here are some of the best.

The Health Benefits of  Raw Tahini

As long as you get raw and organic tahini, it has several health benefits of note.

Raw tahini is a very good source of  the following minerals:

  • manganese –  to strengthen bones, collagen and connective tissue such as ligaments
  • copper – antiinflammatory and antioxidant that can provide relief from arthritis
  • calcium – great for growing kids and for prevention of migraines and colon cancer
  • magnesium – excellent for heart health and lung health
  • iron – blood builder and booster
  • phosphorus – helps to metabolize proteins and calcium
  • zinc – to increase bone mineral density

Raw tahini also contains dietary fiber which promotes healthy elimination

Finally raw tahini contains two special kinds of lignans (fiber) called sesamin and sesamolin.  These fibers have been seen to help lower cholesterol and to prevent high blood pressure.

The Health Benefits of Organic Grapes

For their part organic grapes are high in:

  • flavonoids – these phytonutrients give vibrant purple color to grapes and help prevent blood clots as well as support heart health
  • phenylic acid – this compound has been found to help protect the arteries from oxidation as well as maintain the heart
  • resveratrol – this nutrient is a great antioxidant and helps keep the heart muscle flexible and healthy

To make an ultra healthy snack of raw tahini and grapes, I simply grab a 1/2 teaspoon of tahini and put a grape on top and then enjoy the taste explosion in my mouth.

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