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Superfood Focus: Peruvian Maca and Fertility

We live in a world undreamed of by our ancestors.  We can travel thousands of miles in just hours.  We can be constantly connected with loved one and friends.  We have amazing creature comforts.  And, in terms of food, we can eat foods from all over the world.   As conventional agriculture continues to deplete our soils, more and more of us turn to some of these  foods for balancing and increasing our health and energy.  Peruvian Maca is among the most powerful and increasingly used of all these foods.

I love maca and will write more about it on this site.  Today I want to focus on one of the most exciting effects of maca powder.

macaroot7Research shows that maca root powder  increases sperm count and semen volume, and may improve both erectile and ovarian function. One doctor, Ernesto Chacon,  discovered the four alkaloids present in maca  that are responsible for its reputed positive effects on these hormonal issues. Those who have added maca to their diet claim a significant increase in libido, enhanced sexual function and desire.

And what about using maca in fertility treatments?  Well, maca  has already been used for centuries in South America for fertility. In the United States and Europe men and women who have had difficulty conceiving are beginning to report pregnancies after using maca.  To get the best  results both partners (male/female) should be using  Maca while working on conception.  Women usually stop taking maca when pregnancy is discovered and resume Maca if they are breast-feeding to support milk production.

It is important to remember that  maca is NOT a hormone. Maca is a food that nourishes the hormonal system to maintain optimal balance and health, and works by stimulating the Hypothalamus & Pituitary Glands to help balance the Endocrine Glands.MACA-150x150

I know I were in need of  a  natural fertility treatment, I’d put maca on the top of my list.    There’s lots more information about this amazing food on Have a look for yourself and give it a try.

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