A Toxin Free Life Ebook

A Toxin Free Life EbookLearn how to avoid the most dangerous chemicals in cosmetics, foods and clothes in this Ebook.

The sad truth is that we live in a world with more chemicals that ever before.
From 1965 to today over 10 million distinct chemical compounds have been produced.  2800 chemicals are added to foods everyday.  700 toxic chemicals show up in drinking water, especially the supposedly “pure” water from plastic bottles. 800 proven neuro-toxic chemicals are used in common cosmetics and perfumes and 500 toxins can be found under kitchen sinks and in laundry rooms.  To date, over 400 toxic chemicals have been found in human tissue.

And here’s the scary part.  Many of these chemical compounds are not safe for human consumption.

In fact, the least harmful have been connected to everything from headaches, nausea, acne, depression to and the most dangerous to cancer, heart disease, low thyroid and brain tumors.

Corporations and government’s aren’t a lot of help, so  it’s up to each of one us to find out what’s dangerous and what’s not and how we can protect ourselves. That’s where  “A Toxin Free Life” comes in.

This Ebook contains practical information in an easy to use format that you can use to remove harmful toxins from your life and make sure any product you purchase is truly “non-toxic.”

Here is what is included in “A Toxin Free Life“:

  • A complete A-Z list of 62 chemicals found in cosmetics and everyday household products like shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and cleaners – where they are found, what their known hazards are and which ones are most dangerous
  • 6 practical techniques for protecting yourself from these chemicals
  • A list of the 12 most dangerous food additives – to be avoided at all costs. In California, one of these would require a cancer warning if it were used.
  • 7 foolproof strategies to make sure that you’re limiting your exposure to dangerous foods
  • A complete resource list
  • Our personal recommendation for where to get 100% pure personal care products that you can trust

There’s also:

A complete explanation of those numbers on the bottom of plastic containers.  Find out which ones are dangerous and should be avoided  Discover where  they are commonly used, what their hazards are and learn strategies to protect yourself.

In addition, you’ll also receive a bonus section on chemicals in your clothes. Clothing is one of the major ways that toxins enter our body – through the skin.  In this section you will discover:

  • 10 ways that chemicals get into clothing
  • 6 fabrics to avoid and 6 fabrics to wear
  • 7 practical strategies to keep you family’s clothes safe

Finally, as an extra feature, we’ve put all the most relevant information in an easy reference list that you can take with you when you’re shopping.

Can this Ebook help you avoid many environmental toxins and protect your health?  We truly believe so.

Pick up your copy of “A Toxin Free Life” now.

**You will be able to download this Ebook immediately after purchase.

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