Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health Mp3

Raw Superfoods for Abundant Health Mp3Discover 10 true superfoods that anyone interested in vibrant living should know about.
These are NOT the common foods like broccoli or spinach that mainstream media call “superfoods.”
Instead, in this full hour Mp3 recording Mark Ament reveals legitimate powerhouse “superior foods” – foods that get massive and fantastic results for the people who eat them regularly.

Here’s what a few people have to say about them:

Just a quick email to say thank you for such a wonderful alternative to every-day dietary supplements. I have become an annoying advocate to work colleagues and friends. I am no longer run-down and tired, but more energised all day. Thank you! -Lucie Clark

My energy level is way up and I don’t have to drink 6 cups of coffee a day to get woke up. I have also lost 6 pounds this month because my metabolism is higher and I have more energy to walk in the evenings. When I wake up in the morning I feel more

alert than before. I seem to stay on a more even keel throughout the day which my family really likes!! I am telling everyone I know because it does work. -Kevin K.

I have a low thyroid and have been trying to find natural ways to speed things up. I take 2 tablespoons everyday and have found my energy level and weight loss to be its best in years. I am now able to control my hypothyroidism without having to take prescription drugs. This means a lot to me.

Since beginning about 8 months ago, I have: experienced a noticeable increase in my energy, rid myself of cravings for carbs, cleared up my complexion (which has always been a problem) gotten the silkiest, most glorious hair AND lost 16 pounds. -Sharon

After a serious illness, surgery and chemo therapy, two years later, exhausted by mid afternoon, I needed to rest each day. Now I no

longer run out of energy in the afternoon, I feel much better. Thanks! -Linda L.

Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health” contains a gold mine of information that you can use to create powerful results for yourself like these.

Some of what you’ll discover is:

  • What is a superfood? And what makes a food a true superfood
  • The number one high protein vegetarian food on the planet
  • Nature’s 100% pure super moisturizer for silky hair, nails and soft skin
  • How to increase your metabolism by 25% just by eating one kind of food
  • Why real superfoods are raw and minimally processed
  • A common food with over 52 trace minerals
  • High antioxidant foods and what they can do for your health
  • One powerful food so close to blood that it can be transfused directly

Pick up a copy of “Raw Superfoods For Abundant Health” and give it a listen today.

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