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What Juice Cleansing Is About.

Are you interested in juice cleansing/fasting? Watch this excellent video to see what specifically happens when you go on a juice cleanse. This is a must see for anyone considering trying a juice cleanse for the first time. It’s fact based and super helpful.

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The Truth About Fibroid Cure by Shola Oslo

Hey, Mark Ament here. And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about” Fibroid Cure” by Shola Oslo Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official Fibroid Cure website, then click here:  Fibroid Cure I’m writing this review to help you find out if Shola Oslo’s book can […]

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Detox Retreat – The Fresh Start Retreat with Mark Ament

Detox Retreat in Bali – Get a Fresh Start I’m very happy to announce the upcoming “Fresh Start Retreat” in Bali.   It will be held from November 28 to December 5th at a beautiful center in the spiritual heart of Bali near Ubud. The retreat features fresh cleansing foods, a thorough herbal detox, qigong, kindness […]

Book Reviews Detox and Cleansing

A Real Review Of Master Cleanse Secrets

Everyone who regularly reads my newsletter already knows that I’m an advocate of conscious cleansing and detox to both restore and maintain vibrant health and vitality.

Among the many types of programs I recommend and use myself is the “Master Cleanse” which is also sometimes known as the “Lemonade Diet,” the “Cayenne Pepper Cleanse” or the “Lemonade Cleanse.”

Now, when I first went through 10 days of the “Master Cleanse” program, I did it only with the recipe that I got from a friend and with the support of my wife. It was a tough 2-3 days to begin with, especially with all the detox reactions, but we made it through.

Later, I heard about the book “Master Cleanse Secrets” by Raylen Sterling, It’s a complete, expert guide to succeeding with the Master Cleanse. It’s 109 pages and full of helpful tips.

Detox and Cleansing

Internal Cleansing Explained

When it comes to supporting the body to heal naturally, the best strategy to start with for almost everyone is intestinal cleansing. Health conscious people have been practicing intestinal cleansing all the way back to ancient Egypt.  More recently 100s of medical doctors who studied the power of cleansing in the early 1900s found that […]

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How To Avoid Being Frustrated With Your Diet

A couple of weeks ago I sent out an article on 3 tips to help you succeed with raw foods. If you didn’t see it you can read it here: I want to expand on one of the points  I included inthat article here. I often receive questions from people who want to transform […]

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Is A Detox Cleanse Good?

We just got this question in and thought it would be helpful to post the answer here. From Jenna – Q: Is detox cleanse good? In general, and for most people, the answer is “yes.”   People with medical problems need to consult their doctor before starting a cleanse. Q:  Does it really clean? A good […]

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6 Tips To Optimize Your Oxygen Intake

Each minute, even without applying any conscious breathing techniques, we breathe between 6 and 10 liters (1.5-2 gallons) of air – that’s 8600-11.400 liters (2200-2900 gallons) per day. This makes the air we breathe by far our most important contact with the external world and the fundamental way we energize and vitalize our bodies everyday […]

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A Fresh Start in 2010?

First of all a big happy new year to you! I’m really looking forward to 2010.    I’ve got a 3 new projects that I will launch this year. The first new project is my upcoming Fresh Start Retreat. I decided to create this retreat because, simply put, there was nothing else out there like […]

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Internal Cleansing

These days there is a lot of talk and more than a little bit of hype about internal cleansing and detoxification.   In this article I want to clarify what internal cleansing is, identify the types of cleansing and give you an idea of where to start. The first thing to understand about cleansing and detoxification […]