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Free Numerology Calculator – An Honest Review Of Blair Gorman’s

I wanted to share with you today my thoughts on where to find the best  Free Numerology Calculator

I’m writing this because a few months back, when I was looking into numerology and getting my chart done, there wasn’t a lot of very clear information around.   In fact, what I discovered mostly was a really poor quality free numerology calculator that didn’t help me at all.

So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help you save some time.

What’s A Free Numerology Calculator?:

Numerology is a practice that stretches back 1000s of years in a variety of traditions and cultures.     Although there are many branches and forms of the practice, the main purpose for anyone getting a numerology reading is to understand him or herself better.

That’s exactly what a good numerology session or calculator should be able to do:  give you some very precise and relevant facts about things like:

  • What your life purpose is
  • What kind of work suits you
  • How to thrive in relationships
  • How other people tend to perceive you

What I Found First in Terms of A Quality Free Numerology Calculator

As I was searching for numerology readings and calculators, I ran across several websites that looked promising at first.     I plugged my birth date and full name into the software at several of them to see what free numerology calculatorcame back.    Overall, the results were really disappointing.     Most of them read like they had been spit out by a computer or cut and pasted from various sources.    And honestly, none of them were very helpful.

I was about to give up, when I asked a friend about Numerology.   She basically said that,  although a software can add up your numerology, it can never really give you an accurate interpretation.   It takes a well trained human to do that.

Where I found The Best Free Numerology Calculator:

My friend recommended that I try a free reading from an actual human.   She sent me to Blair Gorman’s Numerology Website to get one.   I entered my details and then waited for Blair’s response.  The next day, I received an email from Blair that contained a thorough reading and interpretation of my own numerology.

What’s Included in Blair Gorman’s Free Numerology Calculator:

I received all of the following in her Free reading – note that the reading was extensive – at least 10 pages.   Pretty cool for a free numerology calculator:

  1. My Life Path Number – this explained a lot to me about what my higher purpose is.  I have to say that this was very helpful.
  2. My Expression Number – this one describes natural talents that I have and how to best access them and get the most out of them.   Some of it I knew before, but there were a couple of points that really helped.
  3. My Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number – this number relates to what I want to be, do and have in this lifetime.

Who would benefit from getting this Free Numerology Calculator:

If you’re someone who wants to most out of life and who is searching for real information that can support you to fulfill your destiny, then I’d say that Gorman’s free numerology calculator report is a great place to start. The information is personalized – even in this free reading and it’s obvious that Blair Gorman cares about providing you with the most helpful and relevant details possible.

In addition, I was impressed that thousands of people (several of them well known) have used this free service to improve their own lives.

How quickly Free Numerology Calculator can help someone:

I have to say that even after reading my report just once, I already started thinking differently and focusing my energy on things that I had wanted to do, but had been putting off.

If you take the information in the free numerology calculator  to heart and use it, it can change your life quickly.

Additional skills or tools needed to get the most out of Free Numerology Calculator:

There’s really nothing else major that you need to know or do in order to benefit from this great service.     The only requirements are that you know your birth date (not the time, just the day, month and year) and your full name.  That’s it really.   Also, it helps if you have a sense of adventure and an open mind, but I suppose those aren’t necessary either.

My final words about Free Numerology Calculator:

Hey, this reading is at absolutely no cost. And it’s 1000 times better than the software I tried out.   I mean you get a reading from an actual person and not a machine.   That’s  a great deal and great way to get started with numerology.

There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.   I can give Blair Gorman’s Free Numerology Calculator and Report my highest recommendation. 

HEY IT’S FREE – Click the link below!

==>Get Your Free Numerology Report Here

The best free numerology calculator

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