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The idea of “healing codes” or special techniques and strategies (some of them secretive) has been around for 1000s of years.   And yet it is only in the past 10 years or so that it has come to achieve a more mainstream acceptance.    There are now several books and programs available regarding healing codes.   In this article I will reveal the best of them.

What Are Healing Codes Anyway?

Before I launch into a discussion of what the most effective and best healing codes are, I think it’s important to define the term here.     Taken broadly, it refers to the idea that our body/mind mechanisms respond to specific kinds of input in a positive way. These kinds of input can be considered “codes” in the sense that they are step by step tools that are designed to get a certain response.

The idea is similar to a reflex text when you go to the doctor.   You might remember sitting on the edge of your doctor’s table and watching with wonder how your foot jumped into the air when the doctor tapped your knee with a small rubber hammer.    Healing codes are designed to work in a similar way.

healing codesWhat Are Healing Codes Supposed To Do?

Unlike stimulating reflexes in the body as in the example above, healing codes work on various levels.    There is of course the physical level, which can respond to certain kinds of input in a very positive way.   Take for example the strategy of “laughter healing.” It has been so successful that even some cancer centers promote it and use it.   In that sense laughter is indeed a healing code.

Healing codes also work on the mental level in order to redirect thoughts into positive channels. Affirmations and healing mantras are two examples of this.   Repeating an affirmation such as “I am peaceful, I am calm, I am relaxed” works to create the conditions in the affirmation.    It can be even more powerful if you can feel really happy and energized as you repeat the words.   Mantras such as the classic “om” are also designed to support a peaceful mind.

There are also healing codes that work on the soul level to release your full potential as an embodied soul.   Some of these codes have been guarded in secret societies for 1000s of years.   They may involve special rituals or rites of initiation in order to help you connect with your higher self or spiritual self.   One example of this are the esoteric practices of mystics like Sufis or Kabbalists.

What Types of Healing Codes Are There?

Healing codes may come from a long secretive tradition as in the examples I cited above.   They may be common sense as in the laughter example.   Or they may come in a transmission from the Angelic realm.   Whatever the case, the important point is how they can help you.     The best of them align you with your higher purpose and support you to live your life here on the earth with vitality and joy.     Here are a few of the best ones:

Energy Healing –  During energy healing sessions a practitioner (or you yourself) channels universal positive and loving energy into your body.   The effects of this can be very powerful – creating a sense of well being throughout your entire body/mind/spirit.   Examples of energy healing include Reiki, Healing Touch and Craniosacral Therapy.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – This approach, similar to hypnotherapy but more advanced,  involves the mind and reorganizing your thought patterns.   It is a form of positive brain washing that can improve your life in a variety of ways.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique –  Also known as “tapping” this is a relatively new healing code that involves gently tapping your body in specific places while repeating affirmations.   The tapping is thought to anchor the affirmation within both the body and the mind.

What Is The Most Effective of All Healing Codes?

I’ve personally used all of the techniques above and many more.   Through it all, there is one type of healing code that stands out as the most powerful.  It is a technology based approach that involves changing brainwave frequencies through sound.   I consider it to be the healing code of the future.    The reason is that it works effectively and very quickly to produce real measurable results.   In 30 years I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone interested in optimal health and healing were using this type of brain wave entrainment.

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