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As someone who has made his career out of practicing and promoting natural  healing strategies, I’m often asked to summarize the most important tips for healing the body mind and spirit naturally.   In this article I’m going to share the most important things I’ve learned during my study in the natural health field.

What Is Natural Health?

Before I share those tips, I think it’s helpful to define natural healing.   The term is used a lot but few of us take the time to actually consider what it means.   Natural healing springs from the foundation of the body itself.   Our bodies are designed to heal and restore themselves by nature.   Consider what happens for example if you break a bone.  The body works to heal the damage.    The process of regeneration and renewal is constant and ongoing from birth to death.

Working from that foundation, the principles of natural healing hold that it’s better to use health strategies that work in harmony with each other according to natural law.     The basic principles are the following:

  • To do no harm
  • To treat a person as a whole  body, mind and spirit and to work on all of those aspects in healing
  • To treat food as medicine – as Hippocrates is often quoted
  • To use whole herbs and supplements over pharmaceutical methods
  • To follow the body’s natural inclination for healing
  • To be patient and present to changing conditions

Tips For Natural Health

Working from those principles, I’ve seen many people make great progress in terms of their overall health and wellness.   Here is what I’ve seen working over and over again.

Cleansing and Detox – Like it or not, we all live in a contaminated world.   It’s estimated that over one million different chemical compounds were created in the 20th century alone.    While only some of them are dangerous, their presence in human life is unprecedented.   The chemical overload combined with low fiber diets and highly processed foods makes cleansing and detox one of the most powerful methods of natural healing right now.   There are many ways to approach detox.  I’ve written about those elsewhere.   For a beginner, my recommendation is to try an herbal detox program like the Ultimate Cleanse.

Superfood Nutrition  Making sure to get plenty of vitamin and mineral rich superfoods is a great way to enhance any detox program and boost your health quickly.  Some superfoods I love are, goji berries, bee pollen, coconut oil, red maca, hemp seeds and sea vegetables of all kinds.

Fasting and Juicing – One of the methods for cleansing is to fast, either on water or juices.   Fasting gives the body a chance to restore and rejuvenate itself – and to heal whatever is out of balance.   Most naturopathic doctors that I knownatural healthtips recommend fasting and juicing to their clients regularly.    In addition to helping the body heal, fasting on juice also provides more nutrition to the body.   For example, I can get most of the nutrition out of a pound of spinach immediately by juicing it, but I could never eat a whole pound of spinach in one sitting.

Breathing and Exercise – Doctors have no doubt that simple exercise extends and improves life.   Walking, cycling and swimming are all positive approaches.    I personally love another approach to exercise that I’ve written about here. It’s something that N.A.S.A. uses to train its astronauts.   Breathing of course helps to oxygenate the body and it’s been shown that no disease exists in the presence of oxygen.

Iron Supplementation   Many times, eating a healthful diet means eliminating or reducing the intake of red-meat. While this can have many important health benefits; red-meat is one of the best, most easily absorbed sources of iron. To defeat the fatigue, weakness and irritability associated with iron deficiency anemia, consider iron supplements. Consult with your doctor to determine your appropriate dosage.

Mindset and Prayer – Having a positive mindset and faith both go a long way toward healing.   It sounds simple, but it’s been proven by people time and time again that enjoying yourself, relaxing and keeping your mind focused on happy experiences and positive outcomes supports the healing process.   One example of this is found in people who have literally laughed themselves to good health.

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