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The Power of Intention for Health and Healing

If you’ve been around for more than a decade you have undoubtedly already seen natural healing at work. The design the power of intentionof the human body causes it to heal when sick or injured. Think of a time when you cut your hand and then watched as the body performed its healing work. It’s truly amazing. Without such a design our bodies would be constantly vulnerable.

Though the body is designed for healing, there are several things that we can do to support nature to do its best work. And the power of intention is the starting place for all of them.

Simply put,  positive mind focused with laser like intention is the foundation of all healing.

The first step in improving your health naturally is to change the way you think about health. As an example, I’d like to share the story of Morris Goodman. In 1981, Morris crashed his small airplane and suffered horrific injuries. The accident destroyed pretty much everything in his body. His neck was broken in two places, his diaphragm was destroyed, and he couldn’t breathe. His swallowing reflex was destroyed, and he couldn’t eat or drink. He couldn’t talk; as his voice box was crushed and his kidney, bladder, bowel and liver didn’t function. All Morris could do was blink his eyes, once for yes and twice for no.

morris goodmanThe doctors agreed that Morris would remain a vegetable for life, but Morris didn’t believe it. Instead he focused his mind on recovery. His goal was to walk out of the hospital by Christmas (8 months later). Everyday he focused on his goal and took action to achieve it. At first he simply used his lungs to breathe deeply. Step by step, even though it was very painful, he worked his way from breathing only through a respirator to breathing naturally with no assistance. Once he achieved that, he focused on rebuilding his muscles. Unbelievably, at least to his doctors, Morris did indeed walk out of the hospital before Christmas.

Since then Morris, who is now known as the “Miracle Man,” has inspired millions of people by telling his story.

The science of belief

Morris Goodman is not the only person to restore their health starting with positive thinking. I’ve met many people who’ve recovered from seemingly insurmountable health obstacles – everything from terminal cancer to partial paralysis. And the one thing all of them have in common is an open mindedness and a positive frame of mind.

From a purely scientific perspective, Dr. Bruce Lipton has demonstrated that our very cells respond to our beliefs. In his groundbreaking book, “The Biology of Belief,” Lipton shows that our beliefs, true or false, positive or negative, affect genetic activity and actually alter our genetic code. Positive thoughts stimulate blood flow and dilation of the arteries and capillaries, plus balance the sympathetic nervous system. Negative thoughts have the opposite effect.

The evidence, both from Dr. Lipton and real life stories, suggests that we can create profoundly positive effects on our bodies and our lives simply by retraining ourselves to create healthy beliefs.

What you can do starting now

Are you tired or stressed? Do you want more energy? Have you recently been injured? Do you want to eliminate a chronic condition? Do you want to eliminate the need for prescription drugs?

Whatever the case, why not start with positive thoughts? Why not believe that you can help your body heal? Why not believe that you can find others who’ve healed the same things and learn from them? Why not focus on thoughts that support life and healing?

In pointing your mind in a positive direction the power of intention will lead you to practices and strategies that will power of intentionhelp you achieve your goals.

For now, change your mind about what is possible for you in terms of your health. Start replacing any negative or limiting thoughts with positive, liberating ones like:

  • I need not wait for I have the power to choose my own destiny
  • Good habits are the key to all success
  • I will persist until I succeed
  • I have unlimited potential

An important point to remember

Positive thoughts and focused intention are a great first step to natural healing. But they are not everything. In order to support healing and improve health, you need to take action – with proven natural healing strategies.

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