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The Truth About Fibroid Cure by Shola Oslo

Hey, Mark Ament here.

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about” Fibroid Cure” by Shola Oslo

Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official Fibroid Cure website, then click here:  Fibroid Cure

fibroid cure review

I’m writing this review to help you find out if Shola Oslo’s book can actually help you or not.   You should know, right from the start, that I personally own the book and have read it carefully.

Also, I’ll be going into the good and the bad points of Fibroid Cure, so if that’s not something you want to read, you might not want to continue reading.

My first impressions of Fibroid Cure:

I chose to review the Fibroid Cure book precisely because it is one of the top selling natural fibroid solutions around.  Since I review a lot of books on natural health, I have a pretty good sense of what makes for helpful, quality information and what doesn’t.

When I opened the email to download the Fibroid Cure I was impressed to find that the program comes with 4 PDF files:

  • The main book which details Shola Oslo’s program- 113 pages
  • A 7 Step Action plan that tells you everything you need to do – 13 pages
  • A book on “healing foods” that tells you some of the best things to eat for fibroids23 pages
  • A nice explanation of when to use alternative medicine and when not to – 13 pages

The top  things that I learned from Fibroid Cure:

As I opened the files and read them I found that the information was very well organized and presented.    The first part of the main book contains a description of what fibroids are, why doctors think nearly 75% of women get them and what the conventional medical treatments for them are.  The author also explains the dangers of those treatments, which include extreme procedures like  historectomy.

Beyond that,  Oslo goes quickly into all of the major natural treatments for fibroids.   She reveals:

  • The link between estrogens and fibroids and why you need to avoid drinking from plastic bottles
  • The most dangerous medicine when it comes to treating fibroids
  • What kind of simple exercise can actually reduce the size of fibroids
  • Powerful herbs that can eliminate fibroids
  • The importance of detoxification and other lifestyle factors that can reverse the condition
  • Plus a lot more from both herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

What I find most helpful about Fibroid Cure:

If you’re suffering from fibroids, all of the information above is of course great to have.   But it’s only relevant to you if you actually put it to use.  That’s where Oslo’s book really shines.

Unlike many other programs out there, the Fibroid Cure gives you a 7 step action plan for treating fibroids naturally.    The steps are very clear and easy to follow.  Oslo includes photos along with descriptions when needed, which makes the program even better in my opinion.

Who would benefit from purchasing Fibroid Cure:

I think anyone looking to treat their fibroids naturally will benefit from this book.  The information included is much more comprehensive than most doctors will be able to give you.   They simply are trained to treat fibroids with radical procedures and extreme drugs.   That said, if you think you have severe fibroids, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.  I would just recommend going to one who knows something about alternative medicine.

What I think was left out of Fibroid Cure:

I found the information in the book to be incredibly complete.   The only thing I think that the author could have included is a section on health promoting recipes and in particular a section on how to cleanse and detox your body naturally through simple dietary changes. Since diet does play an important role in Oslo’s proposed treatment plan, I would have liked to seen some more information.   But then again, since I’m an expert in detox diet plans as well as the raw food diet,  I’m aware that I have incredibly high standards.

How quickly Fibroid Cure can help someone:

Like any alternative approach to healing, the program outlined in the book is going to take some time.   It’s not a quick fix cure.    However, most women who follow the 7 step program report positive results within just  the first 3-4 weeks. When you consider that fibroids take years and years to develop, getting results in just under a month is pretty impressive.

Proof that Fibroid Cure really works:

I’ve read through all of the many testimonials of women grateful to have come across the program and seen that Fibroid Cure is making a difference in their health and lives.   Also, though, I’ve seen the results in my own wife who has used parts of the program since some small fibroids were discovered in a routine ultrasound after her pregnancy.   Recently she went for her annual check up and was found to be almost entirely fibroid free!

Negatives about Fibroid Cure:

There’s really nothing major missing in this program.  But be aware that it will require you to change some things in your life.   This program is not for anyone who wants to sit on the sidelines of life and wait for things to happen.  On the other hand, if you’re motivated to cure your fibroids naturally, all the information you need is here.

Getting the most out of Fibroid Cure:

If you’re willing to make positive changes to improve your health, you really can reverse this condition using the information in the book. You’ll need to have a few hours to read through the information included and then you’ll need to take action to follow the steps outlined in the program.   But if you do, I think you’ll be impressed.

My Final Words Fibroid Cure:

One of the things I appreciate most about this program in terms of risk, is that it comes with a 60 day complete money back guarantee.   If you don’t like it for any reason, you just let the publisher know and you get a refund.  No questions asked.   That’s a good deal.  I mean, where else can we expect such service?  Certainly not from our doctors, either alternative or medical.

Having seen and read the material in Fibroid Cure by Shola Oslo I can give it my wholehearted support as a sane, balanced and natural approach to eliminating fibroids and improving health in general.

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