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Detox Retreat – The Fresh Start Retreat with Mark Ament

Detox Retreat in Bali – Get a Fresh Start

I’m very happy to announce the upcoming “Fresh Start Retreat” in Bali.   It will be held from November 28 to December 5th at a beautiful center in the spiritual heart of Bali near Ubud.

The retreat features fresh cleansing foods, a thorough herbal detox, qigong, kindness meditation, gentle yoga, emotional health coaching, spa sessions, natural health talks and cultural excursions all aimed at deep personal understanding and transformation.

Here are some  words from past participants:

“Whilst sort of prepared for the herbal detox & radical change in diet, I was pleasantly surprised  at the holistic approach to general well being and a nurturing environment in which to explore spiritual & esoteric ideas. Well out of the realm of your typical “Aussie bloke”. Not only do I feel much better physically & mentally, this retreat has helped me to break some addictions, which I could not at home. Thank you Mark, Gabrielle & the team for making me aware of a whole new approach possible for life.”  –Mick O’Sullivan, Australia

“In a word: Wow!! Life changing and LIVE LIFE Inspiring!”  –Jeneane Whiteside, Canada

“The retreat itself was an overall great experience! A deep dive for myself in an unknown world to me –spiritual + energizing! Mark & Gabrielle made this retreat so special with their kind attention and ability to integrate people with different backgrounds and mindsets. Thanks for this great program – set in a perfect environment and hidden between rice fields – a beautiful and peaceful place where you can just BE!”  –Constanca, Germany

If you’re inspired to learn more about the Fresh Start Retreat simply          Click Here.

The full details of the program are included.

We would love to welcome you to the retreat.


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