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Natural Insomina Relief: A True Breakthrough?

Being in the natural health and healing field, I get emails about all sorts of wonder products and remedies.   While I’m happy to hear about new breakthroughs, I’m also very careful to review them before passing them on to you in this newsletter. Usually if I can’t try a productnatural insomnia relief or program out myself I don’t write about it.  On rare occasions, though, one makes it through.    Here’s one that did.

About a year ago, Mike Brescia of Think Right Now International asked me to create a bonus product for his launch of the “Tranquil Sleep Now” program.  I did and because of that shared Mike’s program with some friends and family who have trouble with insomnia.  Overall the results have been remarkable for them.    One friend, who suffered with sleepless nights for years, was even able to get rid of her sleeping pills altogether.

What I really like about the program is that it’s not a hypnosis or nature sound CD (the typical sleep programs out there).   Instead it’s based on some new sound technologies that help overcome a busy mind and ease people into a deep and restful sleep. Another thing I appreciate about ‘Tranquil Sleep Now is that Mike addresses the nutrition issue, giving some great dietary advice for restful sleep.

Based on the feedback I’ve gotten, this program seems to be a truly effective alternative to expensive and sometimes addictive sleeping medications.   I’m all for supporting people to find natural alternatives to medicines whenever possible.   It’s so much easier on the body and ultimately on the planet. If you or someone you know has insomnia I hope you’ll have a look at Mike’s program.  It may just  work for you too.

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P.S.  This natural insomnia relief  program comes with about 100 bonuses (no kidding!).  Have a look for mine.  It is number 47.

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