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Raw Food For Diabetes

Last Saturday, November 14th was World Diabetes Day.   Many of you probably know someone who has adult onset diabetes.  The World Diabetes Foundation estimates that 6% of the world population (230 million people) currently suffer from diabetes.  And the trend is for that number to jump to 400 million in the next 20 years.

I first learned of the disease as a teenager, when I saw that my grandmother had started taking insulin everyday.  Back then I had no idea about the healing power of raw living foods, so the insulin seemed like my grandma’s only choice.

rawfooddiabetesNow,  I would recommend that she try a raw food diet  to see if it would help her.    She probably wouldn’t want to give up her ice cream, so I’m sure I’d watch the film “Raw for 30 Days” with her.   It tracks several diabetics who follow a raw food diet for 30 days.  The amazing thing is that every person who completed the program was able to greatly reduce and in some cases eliminate their need for insulin.    It really seems so simple.

If there was ever a film that gave solid evidence for the direct connection between food and health this is it.

The producers of the DVD are offering it at 50% off for the next week or so.  It comes packaged with a  “Raw for Life” program that explains the details of the raw food lifestyle in depth.     It also comes with 10 generous bonuses.

Click here to check it out.  Even if you don’t buy anything the page is a pretty good read in itself.  Also if you know anyone who suffers from diabetes, please forward them this webpage.

Many blessings for a healthy, happy day.


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