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A Veggie, Vegan and Raw Restaurant In Boulder

Here’s a note for all of the Vegetarian friendly folks out there.

I recently went to one of my favorite cities in the U.S. –  Boulder, Colorado and was pleasantly surprised to find a new (at least to me) vegetarian restaurant.   My family and I went with my friend David on the day we arrived in town and had a truly remarkable meal.  We liked it so much we ended up going back on our short stay in Boulder.

The restaurant is called “Leaf” and is located just off of Pearl Street on 2010 16th St.  The decor is elegant modern and the feeling in the space is very clean and relaxed.   Here’s a photo of the interior:

leaf restaurant boulder

Unlike many veggie places I’ve been,  “Leaf” provides vegan and raw choices as well as takes care to present the food in a beautiful and gourmet fashion.   Also on the menu are all sorts of interesting cocktails, mocktails and healthy drinks.

I had a great sprout salad in addition to a peaches and cream dish.  Plus I sampled the raw wrap and the polenta.

If you’re passing through Boulder, Leaf is well worth the effort to visit.   Pass the info on.

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