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The Environmental Benefits of the Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Eating a diet based on raw vegetarian food is one of the simplest, most direct and most influential ways that each of us can improve our own health and support to the health of the earth. Over the past 10 years I’ve met thousands of people who have transformed their health and even saved their lives by replacing devitalized cooked food with fresh, vibrant raw fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds in their daily diets.  Listening to others as well as experiencing major improvements in my own health, I am continually amazed at our bodies’ miraculous ability to heal when given supportive circumstances.  And as our bodies heal with enzyme rich, high fiber raw foods, so heals the earth.

That statement is not an esoteric cliché.  Because of  each of  us who shifts to a raw food lifestyle does make a positive contribution to the health of  the environment. Raw Vegetarian Cuisine Ebook

First, the amount of food packaging – cans, boxes, and bags – that we consume goes down by about 90%. The supermarket literally shrinks when you are raw and all that other stuff begins to seem like such a waste.

Second, there is a major increase in organic awareness and the desire to eat organically grown foods. This supports organic farmers who are committed to producing natural whole foods and to saving and growing heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. Third, because you are eating fresh, you are also eating locally as much as possible. That means less transport and less fossil fuel emissions into the environment.

Finally, any decision to eat a natural raw diet means that there can be more food for all.   It takes up to 100 times more land to feed a meat eater than a vegetarian.

From my perspective and in my experience, there simply is no downside to enjoying the raw food lifestyle.   You get to enjoy the benefits to your health, contribute to a healthier planet while you eat great tasting, creative dishes that are nourishing as they are filling.

I encourage you to take  a step in this direction.  It may be the start of something big.

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