An Honest Independent Review of Great Taste No Pain By Sherry Brescia

Hey, Mark Ament here.

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Great Taste No Pain by Sherry Brescia.

Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the official Great Taste No Pain website, then click here: Great Taste No Pain

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking of recommending Great Taste No Pain, there weren’t many real reviews around – most of them were just people trying to promote the product.

So, I thought I’d do a quick write-up to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into the good and the bad points of Great Taste No Pain, so if that’s not something you want to read, you might may as well leave now.

My first impressions of Great Taste No Pain:

As someone in the natural health and healing field, one of the most common complaints I hear has to do with digestive problems.   These can range from chronic upset stomach to gastritis and IBS.     Generally I share my experience with the raw vegan diet and how that has greatly improved my digestion over the years.   While a small percentage of people are able to stay with a raw lifestyle long enough to get the benefits, the majority of people simply need a different approach.

In researching other possible approaches to healing digestion,  I came across Sherry Brescia’s book.   I know her husband’s helpful work regarding insomnia and have written about it on this site.  So I expected Great Taste No Pain to be high quality as well.

At first glance I was impressed with the manuals included in the program.  They have obviously been created with a high level of professionalism and care and are laid out in an easy to follow manner that anyone could follow.

What’s Included in Great Taste No Pain:

Beyond the helpful structure of the program, is the information that you get with the program.   Now, the basic principle outlined in Great Taste No Pain has to do with how to combine foods to ensure that you have proper digestion.   This simple approach is very powerful.

The reality is that nearly 1 in 3 people suffer with digestive problems and a big reason for this is the unhealthy combination of different types of food.  For example, when you combine steak, which requires an acidic stomach with watermelon, which requires an alkaline stomach, you throw your whole digestive system into disarray.

I believe that proper food combining is something that we should all learn in junior high school. In that way Brescia’s book is very worthwhile as a means to quickly absorb and understand this crucial information.    But there’s a lot more in the book including some great recipes you can make for all occasions (there are 112 of them).   Also included is a pocket survival guide to eating out without causing major digestive problems.

Specifically here are the 6 manuals provided in the program:

  • Pain Free in 1 Day – This manual gives you complete instructions and menus for your first 4 days on this new eating plan.
  • How To End Stomach Pain Forever, Even If Your MD Says, “No Way”! – The thing about Medical Doctors is that they receive almost no training in nutrition.  This part of the program gives you great detail regarding proper food combining and how it heals the body.
  • Foods That Create Acid, Foods That Take It Away – A complete guide to alkaline and acidic foods and when to eat them.  Some surprises here,  for example, you’ll learn that lemons are alkaline.  Who would have thought that?
  • What to Eat With What – The manual lists a wide variety of foods and explains what you can eat with any other food in easy-to-understand charts.
  • The Great Taste No Pain Recipe Book – 112 recipes for healthy and pain free cooking.  Breakfasts, salads, soups, starters, snack, desserts, main entrees, and more.
  • The Great Taste No Pain Pocket Guide To Pain-Free Dining Out –  What you can eat out to avoid digestive problems.

What I find most useful about Great Taste No Pain:

The information included in this manual is top notch.  But the reality is that the information is only valuable if you put it into practice.   And this is where Great Taste No Pain shines.    The program is easy to follow and gives you all the details you’ll need to make a difference in your health and wellness.

What I particularly like is that anyone can do it.    You don’t have to become radical.   And you don’t even have to change what your eating.  Instead you just need to change what you eat it with.   That means you can still enjoy even hard to digest foods like meat and dairy products without the painful consequences.

Who would benefit from purchasing Great Taste No Pain:

Everyone and I do mean everyone who eats a standard western diet as found in the United States, Western Europe and increasingly in Asia should really have a copy of this book. For people who eat this type of diet without understanding food combining it’s really not a question of if, but when they will develop digestive problems.    Out of all large extended family (over 70 people) every single one of them over 40 has digestive problems.   I’ve recommended this book to them and a few have already started to use it and get results.

What I think was left out of Great Taste No Pain:

Since I’m an expert and very practiced in cleansing and detox, I would have liked to see Sherry Brescia include a section on the cleansing diet and on herbal detox.   Now I know that it might not exactly fit in with her program, but I’ve seen cleansing to have such positive results that I recommend it to many people.   The only thing is that it’s quite a bit more radical than the program in Great Taste No Pain.    For that reason, the book makes a lot of sense for most people.

How quickly Great Taste No Pain can help someone:

Following the 4 day eating plan in the first manual will help the vast majority of people within that time frame – of that I’m sure.   Beyond that, working with the plan and sticking to it should end most types of chronic digestive problems for most users.   That’s really good news.

Proof that Great Taste No Pain really works:

I’ve read quite a bit of positive feedback about this program.    Here are a couple of independent reviews from users:

“After reading only the first chapter and the A-B-C page, I realized I could eat foods I’d avoided for years IF I combined them properly.  The whole concept makes perfect sense … I’m glad I found this!”  Wendy W.

“I’ve been on this program for the past 5 months and have found it to REALLY WORK. I’ve suffered GERD, gastritis,esauphagus inflamation, sliding hiatal hernia,polyps in esauphagus and colon, have had a ‘scope’ at both ends and I’m done with all of it.” Jeff from Detroit

Negatives about Great Taste No Pain:

I really didn’t find anything too negative about the program.   It delivers what it promises – unlike many others out there.    The only thing is that it requires you to put in some work (although not that much compared to raw food).

Additional skills or tools needed to get the most out of Great Taste No Pain:

If you have a willingness to change the order in which you eat things and perhaps eliminate a few processed foods, that’s all you need to succeed in this program. By the way, it may just drop your food bill as well.

great taste no pain reviewMy final words about Great Taste No Pain:

So, in the end ca Great Taste No Pain can really help you?   I can’t guarantee that of course, but based on all my personal experience with dietary changes over the years I am confident that if you follow the advice  presented in the book, you’ll improve your digestive health a lot.

Beyond that, it’s really good news that you have nothing to risk.   Sherry Brescia guarantees your satisfaction with Great Taste No Pain for 60 full days. If you don’t like it for some reason you can ask for and get a full refund.

Really, there’s nothing to lose – except digestive pain.

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