Essentials of Natural Healing Package

Save 30% when you purchase the four resources in this package together.

Essential of Natural Health Package

Here is what’s included:

The World's Ultimate Exercise EbookResource One: “The World’s Ultimate Exercise”  Ebook

Discover the exercise that N.A.S.A. describes as: “68% more efficient than jogging” and that one doctor calls: “the closest thing to the fountain of youth that science has found.”

Some of what you’ll learn in this ebook:

  • The secret of losing weight quickly without radically changing your diet
  • How to burn more calories in less time than any other exercise
  • The correct way to exercise that doesn’t put stress on your joints and bones
  • How to build muscle even if you don’t like lifting weights
  • A can’t lose way to stimulate your immune system everyday
  • How to lower your blood pressure in just 5 minutes a day
  • New ways to reduce stress through exercise
  • How to relieve chronic pain with gentle movements.

Nature's 3 Most Powerful Remedies EbookResource Two:  “Nature’s 3 Most Powerful Remedies” Ebook

Learn 3 simple holistic remedies that people have used for thousands of years to increase their longevity, heal their bodies and improve their health. More than just “quick fix” natural  remedies, these are practices that anyone interested in vibrant living should know about and use every day.

These 3 natural remedies are truly simple and easy to do.    The do NOT require you to:

  • Swallow vitamin supplements
  • Fast or follow radical diets
  • Eat special foods
  • Go on an exercise program or
  • Change your diet in any way

And even better all of them are either free or next to free!

A Toxin Free Life EbookResource Three: “A Toxin Free Life”  Ebook

Find out how to protect yourself and your family  from dangerous chemicals in food, cosmetics, common household items and clothing

Some of what’s included:

  • A complete A-Z list of 62 chemicals found in cosmetics and everyday household products – where they are found, what their known hazards are and which ones are most dangerous
  • 6 practical techniques for protecting yourself from these chemicals
  • A list of the 12 most dangerous food additives – to be avoided at all costs. In California, one of these would require a cancer warning if it were used.
  • 7 foolproof strategies to make sure that you’re limiting your exposure to dangerous foods
  • 10 ways that chemicals get into clothing
  • 6 fabrics to avoid and 6 fabrics to wear
  • 7 practical strategies to keep you family’s clothes safe from chemical contamination

Raw Superfoods for Abundant Health Mp3Resource Four: “Raw Superfoods for Abundant Health”  Mp3 and Trasncript

In this full hour recording  Mark Ament reveals legitimate powerhouse “superior foods” –  foods that get massive and fantastic results for the people who eat them.


  • What makes a food a true superfood
  • The number one high protein vegetarian food on the planet – I guarantee, it’s not what you think
  • Nature’s 100% pure super moisturizer for silky hair, nails and soft skin
  • How to increase your metabolism by 25% just by eating one kind of food
  • Why real superfoods are raw and minimally processed
  • A common food with over 52 trace minerals
  • High antioxidant foods and what they can do for your health
  • One powerful food so close to blood that it can be transfused directly

Purchased separately these resources would cost $34.92

By buying them together in this package you save 30%.

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