Book Reviews Detox and Cleansing

A Real Review Of Master Cleanse Secrets

Everyone who regularly reads my newsletter already knows that I’m an advocate of conscious cleansing and detox to both restore and maintain vibrant health and vitality.

Among the many types of programs I recommend and use myself is the “Master Cleanse” which is also sometimes known as the “Lemonade Diet,” the “Cayenne Pepper Cleanse” or the “Lemonade Cleanse.”

Now, when I first went through 10 days of the “Master Cleanse” program, I did it only with the recipe that I got from a friend and with the support of my wife. It was a tough 2-3 days to begin with, especially with all the detox reactions, but we made it through.

Later, I heard about the book “Master Cleanse Secrets” by Raylen Sterling, It’s a complete, expert guide to succeeding with the Master Cleanse. It’s 109 pages and full of helpful tips.