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It’s been just about 2 months since I re-launched the Healing Vibes website.  I was having a look around the site today and noticed that there are some really good comments from members of the community on some of the articles.

One for example is a great comment Donna Thomas about the natural sweetener called “xylitol.”  Donna happens to be a diabetes nurse so knows quite a bit about alternative sweeteners.   It turns out that xylitol is perhaps the healthiest low glycemic sweetener ever discovered. Not only does it not raise your blood sugar, it also benefits health, in particulardiscussinon bone and teeth health.

I’ll be writing more about this sweetener later, but the point for now is that this comment totally inspired me to get some xylitol for myself and try it out.  (I’m still waiting for it to arrive in Bali).

Since I’m sure that many in our community would benefit from comments like Donna’s, I’ve added a new feature to the website.  It’s a special page that lists the most popularly discussed articles on the site. Have a look from time to time at the page,  see what people are talking about, and add some of your own comments.    The link for that page is:

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