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Wisdom Bite #17 – Ghandi and Sugar

Here’s a story that I came across recently and really enjoyed.  It says a lot about integrity and leading by example.

ghandi storyA woman once brought her son to visit Mahatma Ghandi, who was always willing to be visited by the people of India. She asked him to please tell her son that he should stop eating sugar. “Come back in three days and I will grant your request,” he said. Three days later, she came back with her son, and Ghandi knelt down beside the boy and, looking him in the eyes, said “You really should stop eating sugar, as your mother wishes.” The boy promised he would stop. The woman, curious, asked Ghandi why he did not do this on their first visit, three days earlier. He replied “Three days ago, I had not stopped eating sugar.”

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1 reply on “Wisdom Bite #17 – Ghandi and Sugar”

Beautiful. I loved it. I heard a talk a while back where the nutritionist (cannot remember his name – an American) who said if you want your children to eat less sugar, put the sugar bowel back on the table. Give them plain cereals and let them put some sugar on it, the prepackaged cereals have so much sugar in them that they will end up having less by letting them add their own. Thank you, I enjoy your emails.My friend is having a look at the Bali Retreat. It is a bit expensive, but we might be able to manage it. Will let you know.

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